Car Parking Management and Scheduling

With limited parking spaces available for an entire workforce, a good portion of which regularly work outside of the office, many organizations are turning to Condeco for a solution to book their parking spaces via the company's Intranet.  

FacilitySolutions offers a solution with Condeco' Car Park Scheduler which allows organizations to manage their car parking to provide increased utilization of the available spaces; by making maximum use of the available slots and providing priority options for ride shares.

The platform has a module to help manage staff car parking, which allows users to book spaces only for the days they are needed. This means that parking utilization can be dramatically increased and less space is required. The system is user friendly with bookings made through interactive floor plans, so that employees know where they have an allocated slot.

FacilitySolutions and Condeco can integrate with parking barrier systems and number plate identification for a comprehensive parking facility solution.