FacilitySolutions is an authorized distributor of CAFM Resources EvolveFMTM

Browser-based, affordable and easy to use, EvolveFMTM includes everything you need to deploy a robust web-based application for viewing your intelligent facilities drawings, data and reports.

  • EvolveFMTM delivers facility information via a simple browser interface through an organization’s intranet, corporate network, or the internet via a web server
  • It is designed using the most current, well-known and accepted technologies allowing users to interact with their data on familiar platforms
  • Clients have complete control of drawings, data, reports and features accessible to each user via their log-on credentials. Evolve FM lets users extract and manage more of the information contained in their drawings – from the exterior property to equipment, signage, and more

EvolveFMTM Space & Assets

Visualizing your data has never been easier. With EvolveFMTM Space & Assets you can easily theme your drawings based on allocation, space type, occupancy, or any criteria that you need. Spaces will be multi-hatched if they are assigned to multiple cost centers.  

  • Visualize your Data
  • Find Information Quickly
  • Work with Familiar Tools
  • View your Drawings
  • Take Advantage of BIM Data

EvolveFM Operations and Maintenance

Whether your organization prefers a highly automated rules-based system that gets a work request into the hands of a technician virtually automatically, or a more manual system where helpdesk personnel or supervisors make decisions about when and who handles a particular work order, the EvolveFMTM Operations & Maintenance system is a great fit.

  • Create, Receive and Route Web-based Work Request
  • Receive alerts on critical issues
  • View overdue work, or sort work orders on a place, space, asset or technician basis
  • Track costs associated with work order, and more

EvolveFMTM Plan Room

EvolveFM Plan Room is designed as a repository for the electronic files related to your facility. Plan Room integrates simple document storage and retrieval with your facilities management solution.

  • Easily Manage your Electronic Documents
  • Quickly Share As-builts with Contractors/Staff
  • Archive Historical Documents
  • Organize Documents into Dimple Downloadable Packets

EvolveFMTM is a trademark of CAFM Resources and used here with permission.