A Revolution In Workspace Management

Condeco Sense is a new wireless sensor that continually and accurately analyzes any workspace. This helps you to make informed decisions on how to manage your space requirements, both on a day to day basis and in the development of long term property strategies. Condeco Sense is suitable for desks, meeting room tables, videoconferencing suites or other areas on which an organization needs to report.

The new Condeco Sense is a small, discrete, easy to affix, standalone wireless sensor device which uses a dedicated ZigBee wireless mesh-network, obligatory check-in (with auto-release) via a series of passive infra-red sensors to transmit utilization data back to a suite of analytical software. This fully integrated, intuitive Condeco system records and presents detailed utilization information for a range of areas in real time, offering fully up to date data and negating the need for expensive manual workspace utilization audits.

The sensor can be applied in almost any type of contemporary work setting, including workstations, meeting room tables, VC suites, collaborative meeting spaces and dining areas, offering you a continuous flow of accurate, objective data, so you can:

  • Measure the actual current utilization of an area or individual workspace
  • Understand peaks and dips in space use
  • Establish traffic patterns to understand where people are working, so you can divest or reapply underutilized space or develop contingency arrangements for peak times
  • Evaluate desk-sharing schemes
  • Determine the length of time for which a space is used

By developing this in-depth understanding of the way space is actually used, organizations are able to develop sophisticated and informed strategies to meet the demands of the people who use the workplace and identify new efficiencies within existing property.

Condeco Sense is a brand name of Condeco Limited and used here along with images with permission.
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