Rely On The Beverage Program Experts

MyOfficeProducts is partnering with DS Waters,® a leader in the U.S. Home & Office Beverage Delivery market, to provide you with the added value and convenience of a single-source solution for all of your breakroom needs. DS Waters offers:

  • A National Service Footprint – industry-leading service and coverage across the United States, serving 22 of the top 25 U.S. metro markets via 200+ distribution facilities, approximately 1,800 daily routes and fleet of 3,200 DS Waters-owned delivery and support vehicles
  • A Wide Range of Products and Services – only national single-source provider for coffee, tea, water filtration and bottled water; Top 5 Office Coffee Service Company and Top 5 Water Filtration Services provider in the United States
  • Equipment Service – provided through Relyant® beverage equipment service network
  • Efficiency and Flexibility – scheduled delivery service and flexible invoice options

Get the Competitive Advantage

DS Waters has the resources, knowledge and experience you can rely on for quality, service and value.

  • National Account Service – delivers one-stop national account management solution to eliminate complexities and increase efficiencies
  • Brand Portfolio – highly recognizable family of regional and national brands, some established over 100 years ago
  • Quality Assurance – regulatory compliance, ongoing inspections and a commitment to service excellence ensure the highest quality products and services
  •  Environmental Stewardship – commitment to resource conservation, sustainability and decreasing the environmental footprint of our business practices
  • Commitment to Cause – a minimum of $2 million related to the sale of Athena® Water will support breast cancer awareness, care, education and research by 2014

Water Filtration

  • Equipment – state-of-the-art water filtration systems equipped with SIP (Sanitation In Place); under-the-counter, freestanding units and countertop models; and carbon-activated and reverse-osmosis filtration options
  • Service – on-site filtration equipment service including installation and regularly scheduled equipment inspection and maintenance

Bottled Water

  • Variety of Sizes – 3- and 5-gallon returnable bottles, 2.5-gallon and 1-gallon bottles and individual single- serve bottles
  • Range of Water Types – spring, artesian, purified, distilled and fluoridated water, plus well-known national and regional bottled water brands
  • Equipment – variety of innovative and versatile water dispensers and floor and countertop models
  • Service – routinely scheduled water delivery service including equipment installation and service frequency customized to meet your needs
  • Customized Employee Water Program – discounted home delivery water program available for employees

To learn more about our innovative approach to Bottled and Filtered Water for your organization, send us a message using the form found here.