Project Management by Rentacrate

Rentacrate provides complete project management for all size of projects. The comprehensive list of available services includes:

  • Conduct pre-move meetings to determine the scope of each project
  • Create the schedule and agenda for move services
  • Issue move RFP for needed services
  • Select appropriate move solution providers
  • Engage selected vendors
  • Introduce needed Rentacrate products
  • Provide transparent comprehensive solution package
In short, no company provides more experience, expertise and comprehensive project management support for you next move event than Rentacrate.


Additional Services can include:

  • Conduct employee seminars
  • Secure all permits and licenses
  • Secure all required Certificates of Insurance
  • Assess and implement all building requirements
  • Institute all required Product Liability Coverage
  • Ascertain all Elevator and Dock requirements
  • Implement Computer Disconnect/Reconnect if required
  • Manage all move event activities

A broader range of  Specialty Services are also available: 

  • Itemize leased equipment for notification
  • Supply all 3rd party ervices as required
  • Implement pre-move plan for purge services
  • Implement plan for electronic recycling
  • Identify product to be liquidated
  • Present liquidation RFP to selected liquidators
  • Award liquidation contract
  • Oversee liquidation