RFID Tag and Track Security

Radio Frequency Identification RFID Tags have a microchip and antenna allowing the tag to be activated by a reader and a unique 24 digit serial number. The tags are securely riveted to Rentacrates allowing the contents of these crates to be tracked and monitored for moves requiring a higher level of security. Information related to the specific contents of the crate with each identifier tag number is entered into a database along with check-in/check-out tracking information providing a clear picture of the location of all contents at any time during a move process. 

RFID tags can also be applied directly to items rather than just to crates allowing tracking of individual items. Another advantage of RFID is that it is a passive read system unlike other tagging methods like barcode which require direct line of site. 

RFID tagging also provides expedited inventory capabilities for keeping track of crates that are not actively in use.