Office Design & Workspace Planning - An Investment in Relationships

Our Free Design Consultation is far more than a quick discussion of a client’s upcoming project. It is an investment that designWorks makes in every qualified project as a means of ensuring that both we, and our prospective client, understand the potential of the project as well as the desired benefits and outcomes. 

Our process is straightforward:

  • Assess the workspace
  • Analyze current workflows and potential future workflows
  • Understand staffing and staffing projections - their numbers, behaviors, needs and wants
  • Provide the greatest opportunities for leveraging the client's buying power and options
  • Plan the space accordingly
  • Work with our new client to initiate the project

The process includes assessing the space to understand its full possibilities, analysis of workflows to include an understanding of desired allocations for private and collaborative spaces and a thorough analysis of how to maximize planning and purchasing options to realize the highest overall project value.   

What we have found this process leads to more satisfied, long-term relationships than any other approach. It is an investment that yields great returns for both our company and our clients.