The New Standard In Design Standards

Commercial Interior Design as a practice and profession continues to evolve responsively to demands – demands across an organization, and at times demands across the broader economy.  The primary objective is to optimize the use and aesthetic of a constructed environment to its desired intended purposes, even as those purposes evolve over time, while maximizing the value of and return on the overall investment in the project.

Design Standards are developed for each project to ensure that such optimized use and aesthetic is applied across an entire project with an overall continuity and coordination. Furthermore, design standards allow for the full leveraging of budgeted investment to be applied across all phases of a project. The process of developing formal design standards ensures that a client’s desires, needs, budgetary parameters are buying power are understood and fully incorporated into the project.

designWorks understands that aesthetic, functionality, image and even branding of workspaces can serve as expressions of the principles of an organization and work  to ensure connectedness and positivity among workers. Recent studies indicate strong correlation between the quality of workspace design and the overall productivity of workers! Sustainable design, energy conservation, adaptable and shared workspace are all driving forces.

designWorks can help your organization work through all of these important issues in establishing design standards that serve to advance your organization toward its desired future.