HP Hardware

Most American businesses own a printer, MFP or copier that is five (5)  years or older and can increase their productivity and save money when they upgrade to a new HP MFP with enhanced features and functions.
Printers get old.  Even when they still work, improvements in technology when you upgrade to a new MFP can save your company time and money. 

Upgrade now to HP’s latest products to:

  • Save printing costs.  New devices often have lower cost print cartridge options – including high capacity cartridges and dual packs.
  • Reduce environmental impact.  New devices are often more energy efficient, offer automatic two-sided printing and have higher yield cartridges so less are consumed – reducing an organization’s environmental impact.
  • Improve productivity.  New devices are typically faster than older devices, often have larger paper imput capacity and can support more users – saving time.
  • Add color or consolidate devices.  With HP’s broad portfolio of black and white, color and multifuntion printers, you can simply upgrade to a newer, similar model, add color capability and/or consolidate printing, fax, and copy machines into one multi-function device.

Experience HP’s latest innovations.  Customers can benefit from new innovations like HP ePrint, Smart Install, Auto-on/Auto-off, FutureSmart, OXP and other productivity-enhancing solutions.  For more information about HP ePrint, please visit www.hp.com/go/eprintvideo.  For more informaiton about FutureSmart and OXP, please visit www.hp.com/go/oxpfuturesmartvideo.

HP has the largest breadth of printing products and solutions:

  • High-volume printing
  • Quality do-it-yourself marketing
  • Efficient document workflow
  • Networked printing

HP is continually looking for ways to make their devices easier to use with innovation new technologies.
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With HP’s PurchasEdge program, you can earn points towards free HP products and services if you sign up:

  • Members can earn 1 point for every $4 spent on qualifying supplies and receive 150 points upon enrolling
  • Members can redeem points for FREE HP products such as printers, scanners, storage, products, printer warranties, and more
  • Must be a US or Canadian business who spends at least $500 annually in HP original printing supplies

Enroll today at www.purchasedge.com/enroll/myofficeproducts