Business Cards and Letterhead

Even in today’s electronic world, your business card is still a tangible, lasting impression of who you are. MyOfficeProducts produces high quality custom stationery products for customers across the country. We produce business cards on a vast array of papers using lithography, thermography or digital full color. We also have the ability to enhance your printing design with foil stamping, embossing and die-cutting.

Full Color Business Cards

Full color printing is now readily accessible and affordable and provides tremendous creative possibilities for business card design and production. Our digital printing options provide the finest results and true color reproduction on a wide assortment of paper stocks, including coated, uncoated, matte and textured finishes.


Embossing is the procedure by which the paper stock surface is pushed forward using an embossing die to create an image that is raised to the touch. There are different types of embossing that are available. A blind emboss is one which is not stamped over a printed image or with a foil. The color of the embossed image is the same as the color of the surface. For multi-level embossing, the image area is raised to multiple levels having different depths. This gives the embossed image texture and added relief, and makes it all the more interesting. A printed emboss area registers with a printed or foiled image.

We also provide a full range of Foil Stamping, Die Cutting and Braille Embossing.