Coffee and Breakroom

Here’s what’s brewing at HiTouch. We are now available to supply all your coffee and breakroom needs. We deliver more than just fresh coffee every day. Our premium brand-name products, state-of-the-art equipment and trained technicians guarantee a customized refreshment program ideal for any office’s needs, all with just one quick ordering step.

Coffee makers and supplies, water systems and more:

  • Advanced coffee making systems include Keurig single KCup; the new Tassimo-Pro single TDisc, Thermal and Air-pot brewing and the traditional Glass Bowl systems
  • Complete line of specialty coffees, herbal teas, creamers, sweeteners, and hot chocolate
  • Bottled water service and water filtration systems
  • Premium sodas, waters, juices
  • Snack foods

Added Value

We can put together a national program with consistent product and competitive pricing for all of an organization's branch locations. Our clients can also expect regular updates on new services and products as well as competitive pricing and packages. Regardless of how often supplies are replenished during the month, HiTouch consolidates multiple orders into a single monthly statement that clearly delineates all other product requests and services across all our divisions. Finally, for clients concerned about pilferage, we offer the MultiMax Vending system that addresses the issue.

To learn more about our innovative approach to Coffee and Breakroom for your organization, send us a message using the form found here.

We offer complete break room design and furniture from the world's leading manufacturers of break room and collaborative space furniture and fixtures.

Breakroom Supplies

  • Hot and cold cups and lids 
  • Plates, paper towels, napkins and utensils
  • First-aid products
  • Cleaning and janitorial products

Maintenance and Services

All coffee equipment is installed and maintained by our factory-trained technicians. Most service is performed on the next business day. Emergency, same day service is also available.