Reducing Headaches, Costs and Time in Strategic Fulfillment

Source•Store•Supply is a unique supply chain solution provider that allows our clients to consolidate all of their non-revenue producing items needed to operate their business locations into one single supply source that delivers significant, measureable benefits:

  • We take away all of the headaches of per-each/per-item/per-location distributing
  • We save our clients money through negotiating strength, buying power, supply chain consolidation
  • We supply our clients faster – 2-3 days instead of 3-4 weeks
  • We supply our clients better – one-stop-shop, customer tailored solutions with operational efficiencies that multiple vendors simply cannot provide
  • We systematically empower/require our client locations to self manage
  • We provide centralized control tools and intelligence data in a decentralized environment
  • We measure results in definitive financial terms, efficiency gains, even soft cost reductions

In short we focus on what we do best and empower our clients to focus on what they do best and what makes them money.

Source – We Source Our Clients’ Needs

Our vendor agnostic approach means that we work with clients to determine best supply options to achieve client defined objectives, and we join with our clients at the negotiating table to secure the best possible terms on every transaction. We have world-wide manufacturer and distributor relationships across a vast array of product categories and consolidated buying power that leverages our collective client purchasing across the entire HiTouch Business Services family of brands. We have experience sourcing almost anything an organization could need to operate their locations from cash register and credit card rolls, to pricing and merchandising materials, toilet paper, hand towels, name badges, point of sale signage, hangers, hang tags, logoed garment and shopping bags, pricing tags and equipment, security tags and equipment, to logoed apparel.

Store – We Store and Manage Our Client’s Supply Chain Items

Our comprehensive Supply Chain Technology maximizes accuracy and efficiency of overall inventory management as well as each individual shipment. Web based inventory monitoring provides live on-hand inventory levels on every product in a client program. Customer defined minimum and maximum levels and automated reorder notifications to internal item owners mean clients never run out of needed items. 

Supply – We Deliver What and When Our Client’s Need

Every customer is different and Source•Store•Supply is not a “one size fits all” service provider.  Every client is different with unique business cycles and requirements. Push initiatives are acommon requirement among clients.

Our Kitting Software increases efficiencies and reduces freight expenses by identifying  ride-alongs and projecting/consolidating shipments. We specialize in New Store Kits and Store Remodel Kits.

Our customized online dashboard and reporting provides individual locations data on year-to-date expenditures by category compared to budget giving managers the power to manage.

Source•Store•Supply has historically run 99.89% order accuracy and 98.37% overall fill rate. We simplify the process of keeping our clients supplied and we save our clients money. It's that simple.

To learn more about our innovative approach to supply fulfillment for your organization, send us a message using the form found here.