Green Solutions

HiTouch recognizes that companies large and small are working hard to reduce their impacts on our natural resources. That’s why we offer unique products and services that are also committed to sustainability. For example, our subsidiaries – Rentacrate and ShredX – offer a comprehensive suite of green solutions for businesses by providing cost efficient and eco-friendly options for moving and waste management, all of which are sustainable by their very nature. As part of our broader commitment to environmental stewardship, Rentacrate products both conserve and preserve our natural resources.

Crates — For every crate produced, ten trees are preserved and less waste is produced, making Rentacrate a sustainable alternative to cardboard boxes. What’s more, using crates helps you save on fuel and resources, while eliminating unnecessary cardboard waste. Reusable, recyclable and less expensive than cardboard boxes – HiTouch offers a smart choice for a greener move. Learn more.

Recycling — Laws and regulations are making recycling a necessity for most businesses. Privacy acts require secure disposal of consumer information and sensitive data. Local legislation banning electronic products from landfills are being passed day after day. ShredX and E-Scrap, HiTouch’s shredding and electronic recycling brands, provide organizations a state-of-the-art alternative to help them become compliant with most privacy regulations, while also adding green practices to their business. Learn more.

Organizations using HiTouch’s sustainable products and services also have the potential to earn points on LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™ registered projects.

MyOfficeProducts offers a wide range of “Green Solutions” products that include recycled content and the company offers additional MyPoints premium incentive points through various programs to promote greener product offerings.

Contact us to learn how HiTouch’s Green Solutions can help your business or agency become more cost-efficient and environmentally responsible.