Coming Soon—A New and Improved Website


Purchasing Made Easy

Our new, easy search and navigation options will reduce ordering time and ease any frustrations or complications that can be involved with finding and making purchases. Additionally, the new site will support Internet Explorer 11 or higher, as well as Google Chrome and FireFox.


Fast Reordering

Your frequently purchased items will now be easily visible upon login, which will save you time from searching for repeat order items. 


Easy Order Management

You’ll be able to easily track an order or your order status and receive delivery notifications for updates on your order shipment.

New Updates and Features. Same Quality Service.


Optimization of Supply Chain & Logistics

HiTouch will now be powered by Staples®” throughout our supply chain of over one million products, with optimization of first-class service to your office or desk.


New Billing

We’re excited to introduce you to an enhanced invoicing system that will be labeled as HiTouch Business Services Credit. You’ll be able to contact Help@HTBSCredit.com directly for any specific billing and invoicing questions.


New Login Process

Stay tuned for an email with information about your specific login information. You’ll need your account number, username, and password on hand. Just visit HiTouchBusinessServices.com and click the "Shop Now" button at the top of the page to log in.