7 Breakroom Trends to Look Out For

The office breakroom is undergoing an exciting transformation. Driven by evolving employee needs and technology, breakrooms are poised to become areas that promote well-being, collaboration, and productivity. Let’s explore seven trends to look out for for the future of breakroom experiences:

1. Personalized nutrition 

Ditch the generic vending machine fare for your breakroom. Include healthy snacks, fresh food, or micro-markets. Micro-markets offer a mini-supermarket experience within the breakroom. Think self-service kiosks with a wider selection of fresh, grab-and-go options like salads, pre-cut veggies, and even ready-to-heat meals.

2. Nature-inspired design 

Living walls, natural lighting, and ergonomic furniture will create calming and rejuvenating spaces. Studies show biophilic design boosts mood, reduces stress, and enhances productivity. Even artificial plants can be used in biophilic design rather successfully.

3. Collaborative hubs

Designated areas for brainstorming sessions, team lunches, and casual catch-ups will foster collaboration and connection. Flexible furniture, interactive whiteboards, and even VR meeting spaces for remote colleagues can make collaboration even better.

4. Fitness on demand 

Need a quick energy boost? Dedicated fitness corners with VR workout stations, meditation pods, or mini yoga studios might become commonplace. Then, taking mindful breaks will be easier and more accessible than ever.

5. Sustainability

Eco-friendly appliances, compostable disposables, and energy-efficient lighting will become the norm. Office breakrooms will strive to minimize their environmental impact, reflecting a growing commitment to sustainability. A “green breakroom” can include water-saving features, recycling stations, and locally-sourced food options.

6. Community and connection

The office breakroom will transform into a space that fosters a sense of belonging. Events like cooking classes, game nights, or book clubs can turn this space into a vibrant hub for community building.

7. Gamification and entertainment

Breakrooms will become more engaging with interactive games, AR experiences, or even esports tournaments. Incorporate virtual reality games, a retro arcade machine, or a foosball table to encourage friendly competition and team bonding.

With these seven trends as your guide, you can transform your office breakroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Take these trends as inspiration, unlock your creativity, and design a breakroom that reflects your company culture and empowers your employees. 

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